Manual Marking Press for Pipes and Boards


Stamp Your Company Name with Ease!

For thorough management of asset (material) protection (against theft)!

The Hand Stamper allows you to manage asset protection (against theft) as a strong supporter for management!


A material bearing your stamped company name, if stolen, proves that it is your material. It is impossible to pare a large quantity of stamped company names off. Even if they are pared off, the pared materials in certain sections help you prove that the materials are yours as the stamped names do.


Unlike costly press stamper or stickers, the Hand Stamper can stamp names more than a million times and requires no difficult maintenance of the press or die.


It is a manual device, which requires no electric power and is safe unlike a press.

Even when a wedge scaffold is used, you can stamp names on frame materials.

On a column

on a footboard

On a jack base

On a bracket


  • (1) The Hand Stamper is designed for our products. If you want to use it for a product from another company, please check whether the Hand Stamper is compatible with the product in advance.
  • (2) For a used material, the Hand Stamper may not be able to provide a clear stamp due to hollows or a seal adhering to the material. Please check the condition of the material before stamping.
  • (3) Although the Hand Stamper is anticorrosive, avoid wetting with rainwater where possible.