• Autolock feature included!

    ◎ Incorporates Keirex PIN code locking system
    ◎ Any 4 digit number can be set as PIN
    ◎ PIN code can be freely changed

  • 3 Series Lineup!

    ◎ Inch sizes also available
    ・ 600mm ~ 610mm width
    ・ 900mm ~ 914mm width
    ・ 1,200mm ~ 1,219mm width

  • Switchable Opening Direction!

    ◎ The direction the door opens can be changed by rotating the door 180°degrees and reattaching the Keirex lock

  • Easy Installation!

    ◎ Attached using clamps, the SECURIER requires only 1 tool to set up

  • Versatile!

    ◎ Designed for use with wedge scaffolding as well as next generation scaffolding systems


Type 600 900 1,200
Mounting width 600~610mm 900~914mm 1,200~1,219mm
Weight 18.3kg 26.9kg 28.3kg
600Series Door
(basic set)
Basic set+
2x 900mm use spacer
Basic set+
2x 1,200mm use spacer
(joint stay exchange required)


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