for Wedge Binding Type Scaffolding


The setup of a temporary Asagao required in a construction site involves danger, time, and cost.
The Smart Asagao from Heiwa completely solves this problem.


Easy to construct!!

Consisting of a few components, the Smart Asagao series provides significantly enhanced ease of construction. The series offers the Smart Asagao 18 and 23, which are folding types that are easily portable.


Incomparably beautiful!

The Smart Asagao series products are significantly more beautiful than other Asagaos consisting of single tubes and footboards.


Ultimately safe!

The greatest danger during construction work is accidental falls! The Smart Asagao eliminates the need for workers to put their feet during construction, ensuring significantly higher safety.



The Smart Asagao series products are rentable, requiring no cost for purchasing a large quantity. You can rent products only when necessary.

The Smart Asagao completely frees you from the difficulty of assembling too many components!
Only these components assemble into a full-fledged Asagao!

List of structural components for the Smart Asagao 23

  • (1) Main unit frame(folded) 28.3kg 1pcs
  • (2) Diagonal 11.4kg 2pcs
  • (3) Diagonal support 4.9kg 1pcs
  • (4) Corrugated FRP sheet with a 3.0 thickness 34.0kg 4pcs

The falling-object endurance test conducted by us demonstrated that the Smart Asagao is robust enough to endure even HA36 column.
The panel is not even damaged by a handrail or small component (such as a clamp).
The angled panel let falling objects drop to the scaffold side, allowing almost no objects to fall outside.

Equipped with a blow-up prevention feature

Auto Lock is provided as a feature unique to the HEIWA Smart Asagao.
It automatically locks the Smart Asagao when it is placed.

A variety of corner components provide a beautiful outlook!

Product name Item code width × length Total weight
Smart ASAGAO 18 HAS-1818 1800mm×1800mm 65.5kg
HAS-1809 1800mm×900mm 45.3kg
HAS-1806 1800mm×600mm 36.0kg
HASK-18 1800mm 63.6kg
Smart ASAGAO 23 HAS-2318 2300mm×1800mm 78.6kg
HAS-2309 2300mm×900mm 55.0kg
HAS-2306 2300mm×600mm 44.2kg
HASK-23 2300mm 87.5kg