• The top wedge is open.

  • The top wedge is locked.

  • Bottom wedge

Advantages offered by the Triangle Builder

  • The wedge section at the top is our proprietary stopper mechanism. Crossing the braces activates the lock mechanism. This prevents dropout caused by vibrations or other factors.
  • You can hook the safety belt on the handrail.
  • The double handrail does not require a middle handrail when a scaffold is placed. This reduces necessary materials.
  • In a large-scale construction site, the Triangle Builder significantly reduces working hours.
  • In the society where safety is valued above anything else, the Triangle Builder provides increased safety of workers.
Item Code Weight List price Item Code Weight List price
HR-18 HASTD-18 8.0kg Open Price HBSTD-18 8.2kg Open Price
HR-15 HASTD-15 7.3kg Open Price HBSTD-15 7.5kg Open Price
HR-12 HASTD-12 6.3kg Open Price HBSTD-12 6.5kg Open Price
HR-09 HASTD-09 5.5kg Open Price HBSTD-09 5.7kg Open Price

for setting up the BUILDER TRIANGLE

  • Open the brace and insert each wedge at the top into the core pocket.

  • Then, place each wedge at the bottom. Cross the brace to activate the lock mechanism at the top.

  • Hammer the wedges at the bottom.

  • Place the footboard to complete the setup procedure.


Quick rail (simplified middle handrail)

  • As an option, we provide an easily mountable, simple handrail for users who need a middle handrail.

  • You only have to insert each wedge into the pocket to activate the simplified stopper, preventing the wedge from coming off.

  • To disassemble the Builder, manually open the stopper.


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