Mesh Container

The box pallet can be easily assembled and folded, providing effective use of storage spaces.

Item Code Width Length Overall height Net dimensions Load capacity Surface-finishing Individual weight List price
HP-1U 500mm 800mm 540mm 3030mm 300kg Electroplated 21.0kg 9,980 JPY
HP-2U 800mm 1000mm 840mm 5050mm 1500kg Electroplated 53.5kg 23,440 JPY
HP-2D 800mm 1000mm 840mm 5050mm 1500kg hot dip 53.5kg 26,320 JPY
HP-3U 1000mm 1200mm 890mm 5050mm 2000kg Electroplated 83.0kg 35,680 JPY
HP-3D 1000mm 1200mm 890mm 5050mm 2000kg hot dip 83.0kg 39,800 JPY

* It is not a pallet to be hoisted. Please do not hoist it.
* When you stack the products, please pay extra attention not to cause an accident.



Storage and Organize euqipment





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In step with these advanced and diversified techniques,
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