Mini coupler Series

Mini coupler Series

This series offers couplers best suited for agricultural houses or gardening.
They are simplified couplers.

You can assemble them with a single Philips screwdriver. They support pipe diameters from 19.1 to 48.6.
The 25.4-dia coupler can be used as a 22.2-dia coupler, 31.8 as 28.6, 38.1 as 34, and 48.6 as 42.7.

Item Code Quantity per case Weight
Mini coupler
19.1 Swivel H-1019 120 11.4kg
Right angle H-1020 120 11.4kg
25.4 Swivel H-1021 120 13.8kg
Right angle H-1022 120 13.8kg
31.8 Swivel H-1023 120 15.0kg
Right angle H-1024 120 15.0kg
38.1 Swivel H-1029 80 14.0kg
Right angle H-1030 80 14.0kg
48.6 Swivel H-1025 40 10.0kg
Right angle H-1026 40 10.0kg
Mini coupler
25.4 Swivel H-1009 120 15.6kg
Right angle H-1010 120 15.6kg
31.8 Swivel H-1011 100 14.0kg
Right angle H-1012 100 14.0kg
38.1 Swivel H-1031 80 15.2kg
Right angle H-1032 80 15.2kg
48.6 Swivel H-1015 40 10.8kg
Right angle H-1016 40 10.8kg
Mini coupler
31.8 Swivel H-1013 100 15.0kg
Right angle H-1014 100 15.0kg
38.1 Swivel H-1033 80 16.8kg
Right angle H-1034 80 16.8kg
48.6 Swivel H-1017 40 11.2kg
Right angle H-1018 40 11.2kg
Mini coupler
38.1 Swivel H-1027 80 20.0kg
Right angle H-1028 80 20.0kg
48.6 Swivel H-1035 40 12.8kg
Right angle H-1036 40 12.8kg
Mini coupler Joint 25.4 H-1111 120 13.0kg
31.8 H-1110 120 16.0kg
38.1 H-1109 60 15.0kg
Mini coupler Base 25.4 60 13.0kg
31.8 60 14.5kg
38.1 60 16.0kg

* Precaution
Our mini-coupler series offers simplified couplers that are not certified for use as scaffolds. Please be advised that they are not designed for use as scaffolds. (Workers are not allowed to step on them.)


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