Security door for Temporary Scaffolding SECURIER

Scaffold chain

Manufactured by KONDOTEC INC.
Size(stock) 2.0M
Surface-finishing Unichrome

We can custom make a chain in a different size.




Mesh Sheet

Flame-retardant mesh sheets Anti-scattering mesh sheets
Item Code UK-333 UK-777 #10000U
Mass(g/m²) 450 420 140
Mesh size(mm) 1 3 0.75
Solidity ratio(Ø) 0.90 0.67 0.78
Tensile strength(N/3cm) vertical 2131 1843 688
horizon 2050 1660 652
Stretch(mm) vertical 64.3 55.8 44.6
horizon 65.5 56.8 45.2
Tensile strength × Stretch(kN/3cm) vertical 136.9 102.9 30.9
horizon 134.2 94.3 29.5
Eyelet tensile strength(kN) vertical 1.62 1.46 0.53
horizon 1.66 1.32 0.55
Flame retardancy Compliant Compliant Compliant
Applicable standard Scaffolding and Construction Equipment Association of Japan.
The Japanese Fire Services Act.
Scaffolding and Construction Equipment Association of Japan.
The Japanese Fire Services Act.
The Japanese Fire Services Act.

* The figures above are measured values, not guaranteed figures.
* Only one type is approved by Scaffolding and Construction Equipment Association of Japan.
* We provide a variety of types.
* For specifications (size and eyelet pitch), please consult our sales team.

Raschel net

Manufactured by Type Size Non-flame retardant(Picture)
(Blue) Net dimensions:15mm
Non-flame retardant
(White) Net dimensions:15mm



Hock bolt


Application for temporary enclosure
Weight 20.0kg(one case)
Quantity per case 300


Application for temporary enclosure
Weight 20.0kg(one case)
Quantity per case 300

* The product’s size in the picture is S.



Annealed wire

Type Weight Quantity
#08 25kg 50kg
#10 25kg 50kg
#12 25kg 50kg

* Boxed wires are also available.


Pipe cap with Reflective seal

Type for Φ48.6(Tube pipe),D19~D25(Rebar)
Weigh 2.8kg(case)
Quantity per case 200

Coupler cover

Plastic cover designed specifically for couplers.

Type for 48.6 coupler
Weight 3.5kg(case)
Quantity per case 100

Earth-retaining steel sheet

From Nikken Fence & Metal Corporation

[Applications of the earth-retaining steel sheet]
● Afforestation
● Prevention of road shoulder collapses
● Retention of slope-toe earth in developing land
● Emergency actions for disasters
(It is also often used for retaining earth in cultivated land.)

★ Easy to assemble, the product reliably retains earth
Consisting of only steel sheets and columns, the product can be easily and quickly assembled. With a tip specially treated, the column is easy to drive vertically. In addition, the product is based on the tensile strength of the steel sheet, which retains earth more strongly and reliably than the conventional methods.

★A wide range of applications and low costs for installation
With the flexibility of the steel sheets, the product can be formed to a desired shape according to the geographical features, providing a wide range of earth retention applications. In addition, it can be assembled with light work such as column driving and steel-sheet insertion, requiring lower costs.

★Perfect corrosion resistance
The product uses the High Color from Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal as the steel sheet and pipes electroplated and then baked as the column, providing an outstanding corrosion resistance.

★A variety of available colors matching natural landscapes
The product is available in three colors: greenish brown, dark brown, and green.


Earth-retaining steel sheets are used in many applications in Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa prefectures. In the other areas, however, they are almost not used. We do hope that customers across Japan will experience the effect of the earth-retaining steel sheet.
If you are interested in using the earth-retaining steel sheet, please contact a business office of Heiwa Giken.
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